About Me

I have a fundamental engineering degree thanks to Drexel University. Under the Mechanical Engineering department, I was able to explore all of my curiosities including hardware engineering (C assembly language), software engineering and object-oriented C++, linear and dynamic systems using MATLAB, biomedical new product introduction, robotics, applied physics and classical mechanics such as the derivation of gravity, and finally space systems. I pride myself on being a generalist and appreciating science in all aspects.

I initially started in Business school and with the incredible exposure I was able to achieve in the industry I will shortly have my EMBA to demonstrate my aptitude as a business analyst, transformist, and supporter of humans through change.

Within the industry, I've had the wonderful opportunity of working full-time for a couple of years at Johnson & Johnson specializing in chemical engineering products and the validation of their products. I then went to a significantly smaller company with more traditional machine shop mechanical engineering products - and the validation of their products. I was able to get back in touch with software engineering and worked at Philips. I oversaw validation efforts of enterprise/computer system software prior to local business implementation and then validated that they had an effective corrective action process in an entirely different business unit - and implemented one of the same solutions from the prior business unit.

My contracts since then involve implementing small bits of what I've learned - I'm looking for the right opportunity to make a big impact again. In between contracts, I like to hone my technological skills and go backpacking with the dog.

Arguably my favorite cartoon was the original Animaniacs and especially the side adventures of Pinky and the Brain. Just trying to find my Pinky and use my experience to try and take over the world! Well actually... how to get the machines to work for us while we all sip Pina Coladas in Baja Mexico. Now that would really be everything coming up Milhouse!